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Environmental Policy

Since September 2009

Philosophy in action

Tennis Valley is a non-profit co-operative, dedicated to providing a quality recreational facility for club members and members of the wider community.  We sincerely believe that running a financially sound and ethically run organisation can co-exist with connecting to the community and helping protect the environment.

Tennis Valley’s philosophy has always been that our business will be conducted in a manner that contributes to the wellbeing of the wider community and the environment. Our environmental policy does not merely adhere to the voluntary codes of our local region, but covers each step of our operations from our internal procedures, to our choice of suppliers and the people with whom we choose to work.

Sustainability in our working environment

Tennis Valley has made an executive commitment to use its position in the community to promote all aspects of environmental and social sustainability. We actively set an example that we hope creates greater awareness and understanding of sustainability issues among members and the general public.

Internally, Tennis Valley has put in place practices that ensure conservation is always the key. We have an entire sub-committee dedicated to preserving the beautiful site, which we are privileged to share at Willis Park and we are committed to supporting Willoughby City Council’s own environmental initiatives. Our ‘Green Team’ members gather regularly to help turn our ‘backyard’ into a bush-friendly environment.

Specifically, we are helping Council to rehabilitate the top end of Willis Park, minimising the spread of introduced flora species (weeds) into the natural heritage area of Willis Park. (As the club sits on a ridge overlooking the park, we are conscious that any outbreak of weeds around our site results in seeds being washed or blown down into the valley.)

·We also conscious of co-existing with the thriving population of native fauna with whom we happily share the club, notably:

  • A number of curious Water Dragons that are regular spectators at matches from behind the courts
  • Tribes of both Brushtail and Ringtail Possums
  • Kookaburras who love the courts being used at night, swooping down to feast on moths and beetles attracted by the court lights (often enjoying their meal while sitting on the centre straps of nets, totally unconcerned that they’re holding up play)
  • Tawny Frogmouths and true owls that hunt at night across the Club’s surrounds
  • Along with many other insects, birds, lizards and even echidnas and the occasional wallaby

From an administrative viewpoint, whenever possible we use e-mail (not hard copy mail) as our preferred communication channel to members and always minimise wastage and optimise communication by speaking only to those people most likely to want to receive our energy saving messages.

The Club caters to all ages and to Willoughby Council residents from a wide range of ethnic and economic backgrounds and similarly offer diversity, empowerment and opportunities to advance when any staff positions become vacant. By making a worthwhile contribution to the environment and society, we strengthen the bond between Tennis Valley members, Tennis Valley staff and the wider community.

We support the community

Tennis Valley constantly engages in Community Engagement programs, seeking to enhance the world in which we live within our own locality and beyond. We organise regular charity fundraising events and in recent years have donated well over $100,000 to Breast Cancer Research alone.

The Club has provided substantial financial support to several other charities over many decades including:

  • International peace building organisation, Interpeace -
  • The Bairo Pite´ Clinic in Dili, Timor Leste – the largest free health care clinic in East Timor –
  • Mahboba’s Promise – an Australian non-profit organisation dedicated to helping widows and children in Afghanistan -
  • Tibet Vision – bringing modern eye care and returning sight to the poorest populations of Tibet -
  • The Addis Ababa Fistula Hospital in Ethiopia - the only facility in the world exclusively dedicated to helping treating fistula and providing a protective and nurturing environment for women who have gone through so much suffering

Our commitment to support good causes is ongoing.

We work towards the future

Tennis Valley has long-term goals in place to reduce negative impact on the environment and to enhance our community involvement responsibilities. We seek to increase the ability of our members to move confidently into the future with the knowledge that our practices are creating long-term positive outcomes for their community and the future we hand on to future generations.

How to contact us

If you have any queries regarding this Environmental Policy, please contact Tennis Valley:

Phone: 02 9484 5148
Mail: Environment Officer, Tennis Valley, 325a Eastern Valley Way, Chatswood NSW 2067 Australia

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