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Player Gradings

All Tennis Valley Members are given a ‘Club Grading’ when you first join to assist the Competition Sub-Committee with team selections and the running of the annual Club Championships.

If you play Competition Tennis, you will also receive an NSTA Grading, which is assessed on an ongoing basis, taking into account the division you play and the percentage of sets you (as an individual) win during each competition.

You won't automatically be upgraded because your team wins a competition. The strength of your partners, the strength of the division and how you performed individually are all taken into account, as are other factors such as your performance during semi-finals and finals. All these factors will have an impact on any decision to change your club grade over time.

As a guide, the following indicators apply to an A7 player:

A7 Division 2
Needs to win 80% of sets to advance to A6
A7 Division 1
Needs 75% to advance to A6
A6 Division 3
Needs 70% to advance to A6
A6 Division 2
Needs 65% to advance to A6
A6 Division 1
Needs 60% to advance to A6

If you fall within 5% (up or down) of one of the above categories, the club will submit your name to the NSTA for consideration of an upgrading.

Those members entering competitions under the auspices of either the NSTA or Tennis NSW (Badge) are initially graded comparably to their Tennis Valley grade, but subsequently on their results playing in those competitions. Club Grade and (e.g.) NSTA Grade can therefore differ to a small degree.

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