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Tennis Valley Future Fund

The Management Committee has set up a special fund to ensure the future of our club. Why does a successful club with a healthy membership need a ‘Future Fund’? There are three main reasons:

Firstly, Tennis Valley is a not for profit co-operative… while we do of course receive income via membership fees, all that money and more is poured back into running the club for the benefit of our members. Expenses range from balls to building repairs; additional court hire to court resurfacing; insurance to security; grounds and buildings maintenance to bar staff and bank fees; electricity for the court lights and buildings to expenses for admin and auditing… and that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

So the Tennis Valley Future Fund in the first instance is about ensuring this magnificent club is kept at its current excellent standard for the enjoyment of members, friends and the local community who play here on a casual basis.

Beyond that, the lease that has seen us occupy this wonderful site for the last 20 years expires at the end of 2010. We will need to meet the challenge posed by outside bidders for the site and once our lease is extended, we will need to meet an expected sharp increase to the very generous annual fee we’ve been paying for two decades. This is a reality for which we have to be prepared.

Ensuring the lifeblood of our club

Finally, Tennis Valley has a well-earned reputation as ‘the home of junior tennis’ in the Northern Suburbs. Several of our 200 junior members are among the best in New South Wales, some indeed among the best of their age in all Australia. The club regularly hosts the District Schools Competition and our own Friday night junior comp. is the largest of its kind held anywhere in Sydney, with over 140 juniors under 14 years of age participating every week!

So the Tennis Valley Future Fund is also about ensuring that our club remains a nursery for this great pool of talent… that these kids continue to receive opportunities to maximise their potential as players in the first place, but also to remain the lifeblood of our club, progressing from junior to senior membership over time and ensuring this club, unlike many others throughout Sydney, has a future.